The Ultimate Guide to Mailing Tubes

9 May 2024
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Whether you are shipping important documents, delicate artwork, or oversized posters, mailing tubes are a versatile and efficient packaging solution. In this ultimate guide to mailing tubes, we will explore the different types of mailing tubes available, their uses, how to choose the right size and material for your needs, tips for packing and shipping with mailing tubes, and where to purchase them.

Types of Mailing Tubes:

Mailing tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different items. Some common types of mailing tubes include round mailing tubes, square mailing tubes, triangular mailing tubes, telescoping mailing tubes, and expandable mailing tubes. Round mailing tubes are the most popular choice, providing maximum protection for rolled items such as posters and blueprints. Square and triangular mailing tubes are great for items that require extra rigidity during shipping. Telescoping and expandable mailing tubes can be adjusted in length to fit various sizes of items.

Uses of Mailing Tubes:

Mailing tubes are commonly used for shipping artwork, posters, blueprints, maps, banners, calendars, documents, textiles, clothing items like T-shirts or scarves, and many more. Due to their rigid construction, they provide excellent protection against bending or crushing during transit. Mailing tubes are also lightweight, which can help save on shipping costs compared to traditional boxes.

Choosing the Right Size and Material:

When selecting a mailing tube, consider the size of your item and its weight capacity. Tubes come in various lengths and diameters, so you will need to measure your item accurately before making a selection. Additionally, consider the tube's material—cardboard is a popular choice due to its durability and eco-friendly properties, while plastic tubing is more weather-resistant but less sustainable.

Tips for Packing and Shipping with Mailing Tubes:

To ensure your item arrives safely at its destination when using a mailing tube, make sure to securely cap both ends with plastic caps or tape. Roll your item tightly inside the tube, ensuring there is no extra space for movement, which could cause damage during transit. Label your tube clearly with both sender and recipient information, including any fragile handling instructions if necessary. Consider adding additional padding inside the tube, such as bubble wrap or foam inserts, for added protection.

Mailing tubes are essential for anyone who regularly ships documents or delicate items that cannot be folded or bent during transit. By understanding the different types of mailing tubes available, their uses, how to choose the right size and material for your needs, tips for packing and shipping with them, and where they can be purchased, you can streamline your shipping process while ensuring that your items arrive safely at their destination. Investing in high-quality mailing tubes will protect your valuable items and give you peace of mind, knowing that they are secure during transportation.