Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Automated Systems

28 November 2014
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For businesses or homeowners, building automation of security and power usage can save time and money. Automating these systems may seem like a dream come true; however, anything that is run by machines also comes with its drawbacks. You'll want to weigh the pros and cons before you install building automation.

Pros and Cons of Automated Security

Whether your own a 3-bedroom home or a 20-story office building, security is always a major concern. The pros of having an automated security system are substantial:

  • You have an increased feeling of security whether in or away from your home or office
  • You have the ability to check on your home or office remotely. Simple systems may only have dial-in capabilities, but more sophisticated systems provide remote computer access to cameras any time of day.
  • You have the ability to press the panic button that quickly alert the authorities in an emergency. These buttons simply save lives and property. From sounding the alarm to scare away intruders to speedy response time from police, the panic button is a major benefit of a home security system.

While automated security systems take a load off your mind, they can also create problems of their own:

  • WiFi systems can be hacked and cyber crime is rampant.
  • Computer malfunctions can cause you to lose all access to the system, making you and your property vulnerable.
  • Repeated false alarms may cause 911 operators not to take an alert from your location seriously.

But these problems can be easily remedied if you address them with a company like Control Depot Inc. They will show you how to get the best system and how to avoid these problems.

Pros and Cons of Automated Lighting and Climate Control

The main pro of automated lighting and climate control is the savings.

  • Controlling your lighting intensity and timing can drastically reduce the energy consumption, especially in large buildings.
  • Climate control is a huge energy hog, so using a sophisticated algorithm to maintain a comfortable temperature while minimizing power usage can result in substantial savings every year.

Of course, as with any automated system, things can go awry.

  • Computer malfunctions and system failures can leave you with limited or no service. In extreme cases, you may have to vacate your home or close your office until the problem is repaired.
  • Automated systems can be complicated and costly to repair if your family members or staff aren't trained to use the technology properly.

In the end, it is your choice whether the pros outweigh the cons of automating your home or business. Call a dedicated and professional home automation expert to give you all the options so you can choose wisely.