7 Ways To Lower Heating And Cooling Costs All Year

1 December 2014
 Categories: Business, Blog


No matter the time of year, there are things you can do to keep your energy costs within reason. Since completely turning off your HVAC system year-round is not a logical move, you have to be smart about saving on energy usage. Here are seven ways you can save on energy and not freeze or sweat to death.

  1. Clean or change your filters. At least four times a year, it is important that you clean or change the air filters in your HVAC unit. Not only does a clean air filter ensure that the air you are breathing is clean, but it also helps to prevent your unit from working overtime.
  2. Check your drainage. If your unit freezes over while using it to cool your home, this could be an indication that the drain line has a leak. This will cause the unit to work harder to try and cool your home. By turning off the unit and calling in a HVAC service technician, you can get the leak fixed and save your unit.
  3. Install white blinds or shades. White helps to reflect heat away from your home during the warmer months. The sun beaming into your home can lead to the HVAC unit working harder to cool your home.
  4. Shade your HVAC unit. Plant shrubs and trees around the HVAC unit. This helps to keep the unit cooler so that it can perform more efficiently. Be sure to periodically check for and remove leaves that have fallen into the unit. Debris can impact the unit's efficiency.
  5. Turn off exhaust fans. Exhaust fans can suck cool and warm air out of your home and prevent your HVAC unit from reaching the desired temperature. When the fans are not needed, turn them off.
  6. Install glass doors over the fireplace. A lot of air can escape out of your fireplace when it is not in use. Glass doors can help prevent this and also keep air from outside out of your home.
  7. Open your blinds. During the winter months, take advantage of the sun when it is out. Open the blinds in your home and lower the temperature on your thermostat. Remember to close the blinds before the sun goes down to avoid a drop in the temperature in your home.

For most homeowners, saving on energy costs is a real concern. If you are one of those, using these tips will help to ensure that your energy costs do not leave you counting pennies each month.