Dance Classes For Adults

8 December 2014
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Do you remember wanting to be a ballerina as a child, or the joy you felt dancing around with your friends? Perhaps you only enjoyed watching dancers when you were younger and never joined in. Well, it isn't too late to try out dancing yourself, no matter what your age is. Dance classes are not just for kids or professionals. A growing number of adults take dance classes for exercise and for fun. Here are some tips on finding a dance class you will love in your area.

  • Some dance studios and even local parks and recreation centers have dance classes for adults. Even if you are a complete beginner, chances are good that you will find a beginner dance class in your area. Another great place to find a class is your local gym. Many times they will have one or two dance classes available, or at least a dance aerobics class. There are also some studios devoted to Barre exercises, which combine Pilates and ballet moves. All of these can be good options for you if you want to try something new or get in better shape in a fun way.
  • If you are not sure what type of dance class you would like to take, you should explore your options. Try a Barre class or basic ballet class if you still want to try your hand at being a ballerina. If ballet seems a little too rigid to you, consider jazz or contemporary classes. They will still have you doing beautiful moves but with less bar work and a little more freedom. Want to try something completely different? Step dancing, hula dancing, and belly dancing are all unique options that are popular in many areas.
  • If you feel too self-conscious to jump into a class full of people right away, turn to technology to help you get your dancing in. Online YouTube videos are a free way to try out some different dance styles. There are also online classes and videos you can buy to teach you how to dance. Buy a dance DVD or video game and try out dancing in your living room. Just make sure you start slow and get something for beginners so that you won't get frustrated or exhausted the first day you try it and give up on the whole idea.

Dancing can be a great way to get more movement into your life, get in more exercise, and have fun. Contact local dance studios, like Debbie's Dance Studio, to see what your options are.