Have You Relocated Your Business? How To Attract Customers

11 December 2014
 Categories: Business, Blog


A business owner makes the decision to relocate his or her business for a number of different reasons. The rent could be too costly, the neighbors could be a nuisance, or the business could have outgrown its current location. The only problem with relocating your business, with help from a company like Fast Moving Company, is attracting customers both new and old to the new location.

Consider New and Current Customers

The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner is only worrying about attracting new customers when you get there. If you have a loyal customer base and you are not moving too far away, you need to make sure you take them with you. If you are moving far away, you should consider opening an online version of your store for your current customers to continue to utilize your services and products.

Communicate Both Before and After Moving

Make sure you tell all of your customers you are moving. You want to provide this information as much in advanced as possible. Use your website, direct mail, email lists, blog, flyers, social media, and word-of-mouth to get this information to your customer base.

After you move, you want to communicate with your current customers again to let them know where you went. You can leave flyers behind telling your customers that you moved. You may even try to get the news media to make people aware of your relocation.

Update All Your Online Listings

If you have a presence online, chances are pretty good the current location of your business can be easily found using a search engine. You want to take the time to update all of your online listings as soon as you know the address of your new place. Make sure you do not forget to update your new location on your own business pages and website as well.

Give Your Current Customers Some Incentive

You need to give your current customers a little extra push to come see you at your new location. Hand out coupons or host a grand opening event with sales and discounts at your new location. A little incentive goes a long way with getting your customers to come with you to your new location. A grand opening with sales and discounts will also encourage new customers to check your business out.

It is very possible that your new location is more convenient to some of your older customers who have not done business with you in a while. Make sure you go out of your way to reach out to them. With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble attracting new, old, and current customers to your new location.