Use Decorations To Come Up With A Theme For Your Child's Birthday Party

15 January 2015
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Nothing says a kid's birthday party like streamers, balloons and confetti, and these are certainly attractive ways to decorate for your next shindig. They are far from your only options, however. Instead of choosing your theme and then selecting party decorations, browse party decorations options online and create a custom party theme based on what you can find. By going about the decorating process backward, you can come up with a party theme that everyone else hasn't already done.

Consider Color

Use two or three of your favorite colors to help you choose a theme based on what party decorations are available. If you like the combination of pink, black and white, you could choose "Pretty in Paris" or "1950s Sock Hop" as your theme. If you're more of a green, yellow and blue person, you could go with a gardening theme. A combination of blue and orange, red and white or blue and red could be used to have a sports-themed party based on a specific football, basketball or baseball theme.

Look at What's Available

Browse around online to see what various party decorating stores offer and build your theme from what you can find. For example, if you find cardboard cutouts of palm trees and flamingos, throw a party with a Hawaiian theme. Cowboy hats could inspire a western theme, a shark pinata is a good starting point for throwing an ocean-themed party and tiny stuffed animals might encourage you to plan a jungle or farm animal party.

Peruse Party Favors

Visit online party stores and peruse the party favors they have in stock. These can inspire the perfect theme for your child's next birthday party. For example, if you find plastic tiaras, bracelets, rings and necklaces, perhaps you could have a fashion-type party. If you find small bouncy balls made to look like basketballs or baseballs, a sports party is a good idea. Small rubber ducks would be the perfect starting point for a summer water party.

Shop the Discount or Clearance Section

If you have a little girl with a birthday in late February or early March, stock up on all those pink Valentine's Day decorations that have been marked way down after the holiday. Pink hearts and flowers are perfect for a tea party or princess-themed bash. If your child has a favorite football team, stock up on team-related decorations right after the Super Bowl.