2 Surprising Reasons A Moving Company Can Actually Save You Money On A Move

16 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Moving can be very stressful and very expensive, even when handling your move on your own with the help of a few friends. Hiring a moving company can always be a better choice as it means less stress and hassle for you overall, and it can actually save you money in the long run.

If you've always assumed that moving on your own was cheaper than having a moving company help, consider some surprising reasons to rethink your decision for your next move:

1. Your items are more expensive to replace than you realize

While your household items may not have much resale value, replacing them if they're damaged during a move can be very expensive. This is because you would probably need to replace them with new items and this cost can add up. Consider how much you would need to spend if you needed to replace even one piece of furniture or a television that was broken or damaged during a move, and you see how expensive this can be overall.

Your everyday household items are expensive enough to replace but it's never good to trust yourself or your friends with anything that's more delicate. A piano is harder to move than it looks and family heirlooms should be packed properly so they don't get broken or discolored, which happens often enough during a move.

Professional movers not only protect your items by packing and securing them properly but they also have insurance. If something does get damaged you can make a claim on the mover's insurance policy and be reimbursed for the costs. This alone makes hiring a professional company a better financial decision than moving on your own.

2. Moving on your own is often more expensive than you realize

The cost of a moving truck is not the only expense you'll face when you move. You need to refuel that truck and may also want to rent dollies and straps to protect your items, along with things like fabric protectors to stack items in the back of a truck. You'll need boxes and packing materials as well. It's also good to remember that while you assume your friend will help for free, you may want to buy them lunch or something else in exchange for their help.

These are all small costs on their own but they all add up. You may see that they're even more costly than hiring a moving company, so to save that expense and the hassle it takes to move, call a professional company http://www.affordablechicago.com for more information and help.