Tips On How To Rent A Van For Less

6 February 2015
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Finding affordable moving quotes can be a hassle, especially when you're trying to save money. Most people will tell you to take the time to research the information you're looking for from different movers without giving you any specific advice on how to find the moving company that will offer you a deal along with impeccable service. If you've planned to move but are on a budget, here are a few tips that will help you rent a moving van for less.

How are moving quotes calculated? 

Traditionally, the factors influencing the calculation of moving quotes include:

  • The season of the year
  • The distance between your former and new home
  • The characteristics of the van

As you might know, moving in February will cost you more than moving during the recommended moving period of the year, which stretches from May to September, although this slightly depends on where you live. Indeed, if you're living in a state where the cold season lasts longer, then you might want to postpone your plans to June, for example. 

You must already be familiar with the two other factors given the extensive media coverage concerning moves.

Renting a van for less

As mentioned earlier, conducting thorough research is often viewed as a key tip that people who are about to move are strongly recommended to apply to find the best deals. But its relative vagueness can be an obstacle when you're trying to organize your move quickly, since you won't even know where to start. While going online and comparing price estimates from a variety of local movers is definitely one of the things to do, it doesn't tell you specifically how to land the best offer.

The secret of renting a van for less lies in your ability to use the information gathered during your research. So here's what you need to do:

  • Compare the rates for every truck rental companies
  • Play with the dates
  • Play with the pickup/drop-off locations
  • Schedule your move during the recommended moving season

People often underestimate how much quotes can drop when changing the dates. In avoiding scheduling your move in popular days, you're guaranteed to save money.

In addition, estimates fluctuate depending on where you pick up or drop off the rental truck. For example, you'll be assessed a lower quote if you decide to pick up the vehicle in one of the Northern locations of the rental company, and return it in an Eastern location.

By applying these key tips, you're guaranteed to get the best deal from your local van rental company like Elite Truck Rental for more information.