4 Ways You Can save More than $1,000 on Funeral Services and Burial

6 March 2015
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Dying may be a part of life, but it is also a part of life that will cost you some hard-earned money. If you are pre-planning your funeral and paying for it in advance, there is no doubt you are making a wise choice that your family will appreciate once you are gone. However, it goes without saying that you will not want to take on a huge burden of debt on your own when you already have the bills of living to be concerned with. Here are five ways you can save at least $500 bucks on your own funeral services an burial.

Skip the Top-of-the-Line Casket

You may have a visual of you being laid to rest in a plush, chromed out casket that beams a sense of style and class. But, keep in mind that this gorgeous creation will eventually land in the ground, out of sight. So you should heavily consider how important those few extra features of a fancy casket will be for the few hours your family will visit you at the funeral home.

Opt Out When It Comes to Embalming

One way to save money that most people never think of is to opt out of embalming after death. This will mean that a funeral will have to take place quicker and you may have to have a closed casket. Further, some cemeteries require embalming and not every funeral home will allow you a choice. Embalming alone can cost you as must as $1200.

Choose a Closed-Casket Service

When someone passes away, the funeral director and staff (at funeral parlors like Parkside Chapels & Cremation Service) will work very hard to make sure you look presentable for the service. They will give you a full makeover that includes making sure your face and body looks as life-like as possible, which can take several hours. This is not only time consuming, but comes with additional charges for the service.

Arrange for Funeral Services and Visitation in the Same Day

It is common tradition for the funeral home to host a visitation service for friends and family members one day, and then the funeral service the next. If you want to save a bit of money on the service as a whole, ask the funeral home about shortening the length of time between the two. Less time taking up space in the funeral home can save you a lot of money in the end.

As you are making arrangements for your own funeral service, keep in mind that you are doing your family a huge favor. There is no reason for you to have to struggle to pay for your funeral because of lavish expenses that you may not find completely necessary.