Need New Landscaping Workers? 3 Ways Using A Staffing Agency Makes Hiring Easier

25 March 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you run a landscaping company, then you may already be receiving calls for upcoming jobs as the temperatures are beginning to rise this spring. If you have enough staff lined up, then these calls are nothing but positive news that tell you that you can begin making lots of cash early this spring. If you are missing employees who found other jobs over the winter or you just simply don't have enough staff yet, then you may instead be worrying about missing out on good income because you don't have enough workers to complete the requests coming in. Don't worry, because a quick call to a staffing agency can get you workers fast, and there are several other benefits to using a staffing agency to find new workers. 

1. You Don't Have to Worry About Completing Background Checks

Of course you want workers who complete background checks with flying colors, because homeowners don't want people working in their yards who have any type of criminal history. However, you don't want to have to pay the hefty fees for them when dealing with employees who may or may not be needed all summer long or who just may not work out in the long run. 

Staffing agencies typically complete background checks on their entire roster of workers before they even hire them out to companies. This means that any employee the agency sends you will meet the background specifications you request without you having to pay the price of the background check. 

2. You Can Part Ways with the Worker for Any Reason You Choose To

When hiring an employee on your own, you have to obey strict hiring and firing laws, and if an employee even suspects you are not complying with these laws, you can look forward to an expensive, stressful lawsuit coming your way. 

When you hire through a staffing agency, it is understood and even expected that if the employee does not work out for any reason at all, you can let them go with little explanation needed. Landscaping is tougher work than many people expect, so if a worker can't keep up and slows your team down, you can simply let the worker go and not have to worry about repercussions of doing so. 

You can then ask for a new trial employee with a better work ethic as soon as the next day, so you can complete a big job without interruptions.

3. You Don't Have to Use the Employee Every Day

Every landscaping business has its ups and downs, and you can hit a dry spell in business from time to time, even during the busy season. While some workers look to staffing companies for temp-to-hire positions that can lead to full-time employment, others are happy to pick up a day of work here or there just to supplement their current income. If you choose a worker who is flexible, then you can just ask the company to send him or her in when you have a busy schedule and will need extra help. 

Now is the time to begin making plans to hire new workers or find ones who will be happy to work only on days you need them. Call a staffing agency in your area now, so you can become familiar with their rules and practices. Then, when you need a worker for a big job, you can simply make a phone call and have someone to help ASAP.