4 Facts Your Children Should Know About Bed Bugs

5 May 2015
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If there is one pest that is on everyone's mind these days, it is bed bugs. According to a national survey, one out of every five people in America have experienced bed bugs at some point, either at a hotel or in their own home. If you want to ensure that you never end up with a problem in your home, not only should you be educated, but your children as well. Here are four facts that every parent should teach their children about these biting pests.

1. Bed Bugs Can Be Difficult to See – You may have shown your child a picture of a bed bug, but it is likely that what you showed was a photo online of a full-grown adult. Bed bugs can range in sizes and can be as small as only a little over a millimeter in their juvenile stages. This means that bed bugs may not be so easy to spot. It is a good idea to show your youngster an example of what these bugs can look like at several stages of their life cycle.

2. Bed Bugs Can Be in Clean Homes – It is a common misconception that if a home is clean, there would be nowhere for bed bugs to hide. However, even though bed bugs may prefer clutter for nesting, they can hide out just about anywhere. From baseboards to electrical outlets, there are plenty of spots for hiding, even in a clean environment.

3. Bed Bugs Can Come from Public Places – Bed bugs are not just found in homes and hotels. They can be present in public places, such as schools, movie theaters, and generally anywhere where people hang out. Make sure your child knows that there is always a risk and not only should they be on the lookout for these pests, but should always be cautious about leaving their belongings vulnerable.

4. You May Not Know It When a Bed Bug Bites – Bed bugs are sneaky eaters that slip in and bite often times before a victim knows it has happened. This is because the insects have sharp, piercing oral parts and pain killers in their saliva. You may tell your child not to let the bed bugs bite, but there is a good chance that even if they were bitten, they would never suspect a thing.

It is all too easy for just a few bed bugs to make their way into your home and start to reproduce, creating a major pest control problem. If this occurs, contact a pest control company like State Pest Control Inc. By teaching your children a little about bed bugs and how easy they are to bring home, you will feel more confident sending them out in the world.