Senior Health: 5 Brain-Healthy Tips for Staying Smart and Avoiding Brain Disease

3 June 2015
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Your brain is a crucial component in everything that you do. While there are steps that you can do to stay healthy, there are also things that you can do to keep your brain in tip-top shape as it ages. Here are five things you can start doing today to improve your brain health and reduce your overall risk of brain-related disease.

1. Interact with Others.

Whether it is your family and friends or neighbors and church-goers, it is important to stay in close contact with those that are close to you. Interacting with others can help you maintain the overall health of your brain. If you don't have family that is near, stay in contact with them via social networking sites and e-mail. You should also take the time to make friends at your facility, as these are individuals you can communicate with on a daily basis and in person.

2. Consider Volunteering Some of Your Time.

From helping give out food at the local food bank to offering help with your green thumb, staying involved in your community can help give you a sense of purpose of life. This can reduce your risk of being diagnosed with depression and lower your death risk.

3. Play Games.

Another way you can maintain brain health is by playing games. Games, such as word puzzles, cards, and chess, can help stimulate the mind and keep it active. You may check with the local community or senior center to see if there are any games that are offered on a weekly basis, such as bingo or chess. You could even start a weekly game night with a few of your friends or neighbors.

4. Stay Physically Active.

By engaging in some form of physical activity at moderate to high levels, you will be less likely to see cognitive decline. This doesn't mean that you have to kill yourself on a treadmill. Instead, you could chase your grandchildren around, walk around the block, or anything else that keeps you moving for a period of time.

5. Consider Joining a Group.

Since social interaction is one of the key elements to quality brain health, you may want to think about joining a local book club. This will also help stimulate the mind. Alternatively, you could join a dance group or garden club to get social interaction and physical activity at the same time. Joining a local group or club is a great way to meet other senior citizens that you will click with because they'll have similar interests as you.

These five things will help keep your brain healthy so that you can stay as independent as possible for even longer. When the time comes and you need help with your everyday tasks, an assisted living facility can be very beneficial and even help you maintain the aforementioned brain-healthy tasks.