Are You A Small Company Without Commercial Auto Insurance? 3 Reasons To Get It

8 July 2015
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If you think you may need to have anyone other than you drive your company vehicle for a job or project, make sure you have commercial auto insurance. There are many benefits to having a commercial auto policy. You want to have the people that will be possibly driving the vehicle covered, and then they don't have to use their own vehicle for company work. Here are a few things the coverage will provide.

Liability Coverage

If the driver has an accident, they collide with a person or other property, or they harm someone, you won't have to worry about the financial burdens because you have liability insurance with your commercial policy. This means someone isn't going to come after your business, and you won't get stuck with the costs because the worker wasn't covered.

Medical Coverage

Not only is the coverage going to cover liability expenses, but it will also cover the medical costs for your employee. If they end up with thousands in medical bills, they may try to come after you in court if you didn't have them covered under a commercial policy. Instead, your insurance is going to pick up all of the medical costs and you won't have to worry about it. Worker's compensation is something that may be needed because of the injuries, and coverage for that should be on your business insurance policy.

Property Coverage

Are you going to have company machines, tools, products or goods in the vehicle? If so, these are going to be covered under your commercial policy. If replacing something that you're hauling could cost you thousands, then you can't go without a commercial policy. Make sure this includes if there are damages that occur when the vehicle is being put on or lifted off the vehicle, or if the vehicle is vandalized or stolen during transportation.

When choosing people that are going to be driving your company vehicle, you must make sure that they have a decent driving record, or your insurance coverage is going to be very high. You don't want someone to try to sue you for the accident that they got in because they were driving a vehicle that wasn't theirs, and their auto insurance and yours won't cover them. Instead, get commercial auto insurance policies on your vehicles that may have multiple people driving them, and you don't have to worry about a thing.

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