3 Tips To Build Your Brand Through Podcasting

6 August 2015
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Podcasting is one of several effective methods of expanding your online audience and potentially increasing your income. Before you create your first podcast, there are ways to use podcasting to set the stage for future online opportunities. 

Use Multiple Platforms

To have wide appeal, you need to make sure your podcast is available on multiple platforms. Do not overlook using your blog or social media outlets as a way to share podcasts. Although you should use major media players and podcast apps to upload your content, you are more likely to broaden your audience by using social media and video platforms.

If a potential listener has to download new software or apps to their computer or mobile device to listen to your podcast, you run the risk of losing them. You can easily use video editing software to turn your podcast into a video. Just use a still image, such as your logo, for the background and add the podcast for the audio.

Be Collaborative

Nothing makes a podcast more interesting than routinely having special guests. Look for people with a similar niche who may not be well known, but show great potential and can serve as an inspiration for your audience. Collaborating with other people can expose your audience to new opportunities or different ways of achieving their goals.

Your guests can gain new audience members and introduce your business to their audience. Being unnecessarily competitive online can be harmful and may sabotage future opportunities to work with well-known personalities in your niche or sponsorship deals that could have a significant impact on your brand.

Capture Emails

If podcasting is one component of your overall business strategy, you need to turn listeners into an audience that follows multiple aspects of your brand. You need to encourage listeners to visit your website and register to stay updated on information. Some tactics you can use to encourage sign-ups are sending out newsletters with valuable information in exchange for registration. Offering a free item is a common way to encourage registration to your email list.

For example, if your platform is about job opportunities and marketing for freelancers, you may want to offer a free download to registrants. The free download could include some of your tips on finding high-paying clients or the first chapter of your upcoming book on marketing. Encouraging your listeners to sign up on your website increases audience engagement and it helps you build an email list for future products. You might periodically include ads from sponsors or inform your audience about a new online course you want them to purchase.

Podcasting is an often underutilized method of building an online audience and keeping your audience engaged with your business. When used appropriately, podcasting can increase your business income and enhance your online authority.