High-Tech Home Security Systems Put You In Control

23 November 2015
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Home security is no longer just about setting off burglar alarms should someone break in through the front door. It's about being in control of your home remotely and knowing what is going on there whenever you wish. Here are some of the features in the latest residential alarm systems and how you can use them to monitor your home, wherever you are.

Remote Security System Check-in  

It's a helpless feeling when you've left home on a trip and wonder if you locked the back door. With modern home security systems, you can check on all aspects of the system remotely, and control many of them. From a tablet, smartphone or computer, you can check that all of the doors and windows are locked and that the system is actively monitoring them. You can enable and disable the burglar alarms, fire alarms and motion sensors. Perform a system self-test to make sure everything is working properly and communicating with the monitoring service that you're linked to. You can easily check on the back door and make sure that it's locked.  

Remotely Control Access to Your Home  

Instead of giving out multiple copies of house keys to friends, family, pet sitters and maintenance people who need access to your home, you can remotely give them access. If a neighbor needs to bring a package left on your porch into the house, you can disable the system and unlock the front door to let them in. When they have left, lock the door and enable the system from your smartphone.  

Monitor Your Home While Out of Town  

When you add surveillance cameras to the system, you have even better control over your home. Monitor contractors and landscaping people as they work in and around the house. Check in on your pets using the interior security cameras. If your home is in the path of severe weather, check in on it periodically for any damage from wind and rain.  

Make Your Home Looked Lived In  

Modern remotely controlled security systems can help you make your house look occupied. More than just putting lights on timers, you can control and program the lights and sound in your house to create a dynamic appearance of activity. Install programmable, color-changing LEDs throughout the house and set up random lights and colors in various rooms. Burglars looking for the patterns produced by timers will have difficulty deciding if your home is really occupied or not.    

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