Three Ways To Protect Your Carpet This Winter

9 December 2015
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Winter can be a tough season for your carpet. The threats of salt stains, roof leaks, and gooey Christmas tree sap are very real. To prevent your carpet from looking like a stained, multi-colored mess come spring, follow these tips for protecting your carpet this winter.

Keep a towel near your entryway for pet paws.

Your dog will need to go outside to do his business whether the weather is wet or dry. To make sure he does not track mud or snow back into the home, keep a soft towel near the entryway. Wipe off each paw as your dog comes in the door, and show your family members how to do the same. If you have a long-haired dog, you may need to keep him on a tiled surface to dry for a little while after going outside before setting him loose on the carpet. If you make this a routine, your dog will get used to it and won't be so insistent on going straight to the carpeted floor when he comes inside.

Buy the right kind of doormat.

Your doormat is your first defense against muddy, salty footprints – but you need to have the right one. Make sure it has a rough surface and raised edges so it traps snow and slush rather than letting them run off the edge and onto your carpet. Invest in a second, extra doormat to put out when family and friends visit so there's enough space for everyone's shoes.

Be very careful if you choose a real Christmas tree.

Tree sap is very hard to remove from a carpet, thanks to its sticky texture. If your carpet is brand new or very expensive, you may want to forego a real tree entirely. However, if you must have a real Christmas tree, you can reduce the risk of sap stains by wrapping the trunk before bringing the tree into the home, and by putting a sheet down on the carpet before dragging the tree across. Always keep a tree skirt spread out under the tree to catch any drops of sap that might fall.

With the right kind of doormat, towels for dog paws, and a bit of caution when it comes to your Christmas tree, you should be able to keep your carpet relatively stain-free. If spring rolls around and you do have stains, don't hesitate to contact a local carpet cleaning company to come tackle them for you.

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