3 Things To Look For When Buying A Used Air Compressor

28 December 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are looking to invest in an air compressor, you might be thinking about buying used. This can be a smart option if you are looking to save money, and you can often buy a bigger and better air compressor for your money by buying this way rather than insisting on buying new. You probably want to ensure that the air compressor that you purchase works well and is a good deal, however, so you could be wondering what to look out for when checking out a used air compressor. Look for these three things, and you should be pleased with your purchase.

1. Clean Tank

First of all, you should take the time to open up the drain hole and take a peek at the water that is kept in the air compressor's water tank. Ideally, this water should be changed often and should be pretty clean. If it's not, you have to worry about rust forming on the inside of the tank, which is going to cause serious problems. The water should be clean or only slightly dirty; if you notice that it's rusty, it's best to pass and wait for a better-maintained air compressor. Not only do you have to worry about the issues that the rust on the inside of the tank can cause, but you also have to think about the other maintenance that may have been ignored if the previous owner couldn't do something as simple as dump the tank regularly.

2. No Noticeable Tank Damage

If an air compressor tank features noticeable damage, such as if it is dented or seriously scratched up, then you have to think about the possibility that it's been turned over or otherwise damaged. This can affect performance later on. Tanks that have accumulated rust on the outside can also be a sign that the air compressor has been exposed to the elements, which is never a good thing. Although there is nothing wrong with a tank that is faded or is otherwise showing signs of its age, one that features noticeable damage could be the sign of a problem.

3. Clean Oil

You have to change the oil on your air compressor regularly if you want to keep it in good shape. Smell the oil inside the air compressor to see if it smells clean, and take a look at it -- if it's too thick and globby, it probably hasn't been changed in a while. You also shouldn't smell oil when you shoot air through the hose; if you do, you may want to pass.

A used air compressor can be a great investment and can save you a lot of money. Look for these three things if you want to get a good deal on a high-quality used unit.