3 Ways To Add Beauty And Privacy To Your Chain-Link Fence

22 February 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


You may think that a chain-link fence is an eyesore, or that it cannot do much more than serve as a very general deterrent. The truth is chain link fences can give you a number of benefits with the right accessories, such as privacy screens and noise reduction materials.

1. Add Some Life to Your Fence

One common way to add a touch of nature and privacy to your chain link fence is with plant life. Adding plants to your fence or property line can serve multiple purposes beyond the obvious.

  • Improve the look of the fence itself
  • Add some noise reduction
  • Add some privacy

You have tons of options available to you depending on your preference and the lay of your land. For example, you can grow whole trees or just add shrubs. In addition, you can wrap creeping plants through the links of the fence itself.

Each of these options can partially, or fully, serve to hide whatever is behind the fence. In addition, the plants can help to deaden some noise, whether it's from outside the fence or inside of it.

2. Add a Privacy Screen

There are privacy screens available specifically designed to improve the look of your fence. These screens come in all kinds of designs. They can consist of various types of materials as well.

You can have these screens printed with anything you want, or you can choose a pre-fabricated design. That is, if you want a design at all. You can also opt for solid colors, or really, whatever you wish.

Privacy screens offer more complete coverage than many plant options. Depending on the material, they can offer far more in the way of noise reduction as well. They can do this by:

  • Covering gaps in the fence
  • Adding height to the fence
  • Incorporating absorbent material

You can also choose natural looking screens and meshes. For example, instead of attempting to coax ivy into growing through a chain-link fence, you can choose a faux ivy privacy screen.

3. Do Both and Combine Your Screen with Your Plants

There is no reason you cannot use plants and screens to both beautify and upgrade your chain link fence's functionality. You can get creative with your plant placement so it complements your screen, or you can purchase a screen that complements your plants.

Your options are only limited by your own sense of personal taste. If you're still trying to figure out what kind of fence you want, you can always start with a privacy fence rather than a chain-link fence.