Do You Need A Dental Consultant?

22 July 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


As a skilled medical professional, you have the dental skills you need to provide patients with quality care. In fact, you may have a higher skill level than most of your contemporaries, and still not be as financially successful. Unfortunately, talent alone will not necessarily make you money or help you efficiently manage your dental practice. If you want to expand your business, you should consider hiring a dental consultant. 


People are often by nature adverse to change. You and your staff are no exceptions. You have guidelines in place, and though your business may not be attracting many new clients, you are probably managing to meet the payroll and do "okay." You will not grow your practice unless you are willing to make often uncomfortable changes in the way you run your office, including staff reductions and operating procedures. Many dentists prefer to think that their problems are caused by location or competition when that is not the case. A consultant can show you the way to improve your practice, but you have to be willing to implement the recommendations. If you prefer to remain stagnant, do not waste your money on a consultant.

Business Acumen

If you are a dentist who loves their profession but hates the paperwork, you should hire a consultant. You need help in establishing efficient billing policies, collection policies, and scheduling procedures. Unfortunately, you may not have had much business training in school. A consultant can analyze your current practices and recommend new technology such as cloud-based management software.You may have too many managers, and a consultant can help simplify your power structure. Basically, a consultant will recommend best business practices for you to implement.


A dental consultant is a significant financial investment for you. You can expect to pay approximately $30,000 to $40,000 for the service if not more. However, you can possibly improve your practice's financial picture by more than ten thousand dollars each month, meaning you will more than recoup your investment in the first six months. 

Hiring a dental consulting firm like Turner Managements can potentially help your dental practice become more lucrative.  A consultant can also make your practice run more smoothly, which makes for happier patients and employees. In addition, you should be happier as well since you will be relieved of much business-related stress. Every dental practice can benefit from a review and a willingness to change. A consultant can help bring these things about.