Marvel Avengers Collectibles: Why You Should Buy Whatever You Can Get

15 September 2016
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With Disney's purchase to the rights for Marvel Superheroes, the price of all things Marvel has shot up dramatically. Makes sense, does it not? Disney now has full control of some of the world's most popular comic-book characters, such as characters from the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises, and Disney has done well in promoting them. Since Disney knows how to market and merchandise everything very well, now is the time to buy all things Avengers. Here are some reasons why.

Sparkle, Shine, Sell

When Disney decides to sell their rights to all things Marvel, the value on their collectibles will go up. Then all of the Avengers collectibles made and marketed during the Disney years will jump in price and value. The collectibles from the previous era, when Marvel operated sans the help of Disney, are now worth quite a bit of money too. These particular collectibles all have their "era" designations, which will determine their future value.

Buy Less-Expensive Collectibles That Are Already Highly Collectible

If you want to start your collection but do not know how or where to start, start with some of the most collectible and inexpensive items first. "Pop vinyls," for example, are vinyl action figures that consistently cost anywhere between $8 and $20 (unless you buy outdated ones that are no longer sold anywhere). You can buy Marvel Avengers pop vinyls in comic-book stores, at ComiCons, at Disney parks, and in online stores such as JMS Pop Culture. Some are produced in limited batches, and that is why they are currently so highly sought after and highly valued.

Other inexpensive Avengers collectibles include the following.

Funko minis are miniature action figures sealed in bags and boxes. You do not know what you are going to get, and there is a surprise "chaser" with each set that is a very limited edition item. 

Vinylmation figures are also made of vinyl, but in true Disney fashion, every Marvel figure is fitted with a set of Mickey Mouse ears. All characters owned by Disney eventually get the Vinylmation treatment, including Star Wars characters, but these are even more collectible because they are difficult to find.

Avengers toys, costumes and clothing merchandise are always available wherever you shop and are always affordable. However, look for items that are sold exclusively through certain retailers.

Meanwhile, do not forget to peruse antique and vintage shops, as well as yard sales, for pre–Disney era Avengers products, which are still enjoying a highly profitable status and popularity.