Why You Should Consider Going From Paper To Digital When It Comes To Your Document Storage

4 August 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


For a long time, paper was the only reliable way to store lots of information about your business, whether that was your tax records, payroll, or even the minutes of your companies meetings. While that process did generally get more streamlined and easy as time progressed, particularly during the 20th century and into this one, nowadays most companies have moved to digital libraries, and for good reason. Here is how and why you should consider moving to an all-digital solution for your companies document storage to fully embrace the modern benefits of technology. 

Efficiency At A Whole New Level

Document storage on a computer compared to one that is paper-based is night and day. On a computer, you can quickly search for keywords, have all the documents you want at your fingertips in seconds, can compare and contrast dozens of different documents from decades apart, can quickly email them to someone else, change the data presentation to put it into graphs and charts, and so on and so forth. It also means that you save a load of space in your office, as thousands upon thousands of files can fit easily onto a small USB drive, of which you can have multiple copies so nothing is ever lost.

All My Old Documents Are Still On Paper

Even if your documents for the last few decades are all on paper, that does not mean you cannot transfer them to digital storage. Document scanning is a very popular and easy service that uses special machines to quickly and accurately transfer all your documents to digital files. This document scanning is being used by virtually every major company to allow them to keep their older files while still being more efficient. Even libraries are starting to use document scanning to keep a digital track of all of their older journals and academic works.

Safety Concerns

Of course, the main issue many people have with digital files is the safety concern regarding their storage and potential ability to get hacked. Firstly, you can always have multiple copies of digital files and update them only every few months or so, so you always have a backup just in case. You can also keep these documents stored offline, which means there is virtually no way for someone to steal them without physically being in your office and taking them, just like they could with your paper files if they so wanted. Your documents are also less in danger due to physical problems like rot, insects, decaying and fading due to age and sunlight, and many others, which makes digital the safer choice. 

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