4 Dental Problems That Can Be Solved By Getting Dental Implants

13 September 2021
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Finding the perfect restorative solution to fix an annoying dental issue can be nerve-wracking. Dental implants benefit your oral health and confidence, but you want implants that don't demand intensive care for the long term. Indeed, professionally fixed implants require minimal maintenance, and they feel like your natural teeth.

If you experience dental trauma and lose your teeth, conventional dentures might not offer the comfort that comes with implants. Restoring missing, decayed, or split teeth gives you the confidence to socialize and prevents further oral health issues. 

Here are some problems that dental implants fix.

Pulled Out Teeth

If your dentist recommends extraction for an infected tooth, you must consider dental implants as the best replacement for the gaps left behind by the extracting process. Indeed, the only way to save a badly chipped tooth is to extract it and fill it with an implant that looks like a natural tooth. If you undergo a root canal, filling the gap with an implant restores your capacity to chew, talk and smile. To enjoy long-term dental implants benefits, your dentist offers practical care tips, including regular brushing and flossing.

Sunken Facial Features

Your teeth play an integral role in ensuring your facial features look sharp and strong. If you experience gradual teeth loss, your jawbone shrinks and leaves your facial appearance sagging. With time, bone loss makes you look older, given the lack of stimulation and bone growth. Luckily, your dentist can fix appropriate dental implants that perform better than ordinary dentures. These restorative implants prevent further bone deterioration. Dental implants prevent gum and jawbone regression, especially when an experienced dentist installs them.

Dependency On Denture Adhesives

Dentures offer relief for issues such as tooth loss, and they prevent additional oral health issues from erupting. Indeed, you must observe intensive care for your dentures, but a dentist will recommend dental implants to enhance comfort. If you rely on adhesives to stop dentures from falling off, implants guarantee convenience and a perfectly revamped smile. You no longer worry about eating or holding conversations in public. Ideally, Implants are fixed directly onto your jawbone, and they feel comfortable like natural teeth.

Jawbone Loss

The gap left behind by tooth extraction can trigger massive jawbone tissue regression. If you take long before getting a replacement, the bone lacks stimulation, and it can rot. When you opt for dental implants, the new tooth is screwed onto the bone. With time, the titanium used to fix the teeth meshes with the bone tissues and prevents further disintegration. Eventually, the implant stops bone recession and the shrunken facial appearance.