Understanding MIG Welders And Why They Might Be Best For Your Situation

25 January 2022
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Welding is an important skill that many home and small business owners find valuable. While once prohibitively expensive to purchase, welders suitable for home and small business use are now more available and affordable than ever before. If you are considering the purchase of a welder, however, it is important that you learn more about welding and why a MIG welder may be the best choice for your situation. 

Welding in the home or small business setting

In the home or small business setting, welding needs are typically needed on a small scale, often with some type of arc welder. Metal Inert Gas, or MIG welding, is one type of arc welding that is especially useful for these small scale welding needs. While many other types of welding are also available, MIG welders, also sometimes known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW), work by superheating two metal surfaces and then filling the gap between them with a weld of hot, molten metal. When cooled, the welded seam offers superior strength and stability to the larger metal structure.  

Continuous feed benefits

One of the important benefits offered by a MIG welding machine is the ability to utilize continuously fed metal, instead of individual welding rods. The continuously fed metal, often called filler metal or electrode wire, feeds through the electrode conduit and liner to help ensure that it is consistently available to the contact tip of the welder. Electricity is supplied through the wire feed unit to the contact tip and along with gas supplied by a gas nozzle, the process of welding a strong seam between two pieces of metal is achieved. 

Verifying proper power before installation

When purchased for a home or small business setting, it is important to understand the extreme heat produced by the welding process and the increased amount of electrical power that will be needed. Because of the way in which a MIG welder functions, a constant voltage power supply is necessary to provide power.

When planning to purchase a MIG welder, it can be very helpful to discuss your expected usage of the machine and any changes that you will need to have made to your electrical system to ensure safe, efficient operation. Dealers who specialize in MIG welding systems such as the Miller CP 302 MIG welder can provide the information needed to help home and small business owners choose the right welder and accessories, as well as help them understand what electrical modifications they may need to make.