Have You Been Thinking Of Drilling A Private Well? Here Is Why You Should Go Ahead With The Project

16 March 2022
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The use of private wells in the US has become popular among business and residential homeowners. As of 2017, over 13 million American households were using their personally drilled wells instead of municipal water sources. Water is essential for drinking, cooking, cleaning, cooling, and construction; thus, a private well ensures sufficient supply to manage all these activities. Are you looking to drill a well for your residential or commercial use? The following are the benefits of having a private well:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Connection to a public water supply comes with monthly bills depending on your usage. These charges are costly, mainly if you use water for a wide range of activities such as irrigation or powering your business operations in the case of a car wash. Having a private well saves you from these costly water bills. Additionally, you have the autonomy to use water without worrying about its billing. The only costs you cater for are the well drilling and electricity cost for pumping the water, which is nothing compared to paying for water your entire life. In the long run, you'll save money when you go the well drilling way compared to monthly billed public-supplied water.

2. Easy maintenance

Water is essential for survival and needs to be stored in an environment free from contamination. Keeping a public water source like rivers, lakes, and dams free from contamination is tricky and may require extensive measures. However, the case is different for wells because they need simple maintenance procedures. You need to ensure that they are always covered, keep hazardous materials away from the well, and conduct annual purity tests and treatment.

3. Well water is healthier and tastes better

Water from a well is drawn naturally from rocks and contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals help develop strong bones and build immunity. Additionally, the water maintains a natural taste as it does not have purifying chemicals such as chlorine that alter the taste and smell of water. Mineral deposits and natural rock layers naturally purify water, eliminating the need for constant chemical treatment. 

4. Wells are eco-friendly

Another advantage of having a private well is that they are safe for the environment from the drilling point to maintenance. Well drilling does not require equipment that emits harmful chemicals to the environment or water. Experts use a drill rig to drill into the ground to find a water table from which water is drawn. Furthermore, purifying and preserving water in the well does not involve complex chemical processes like the ones in water-treatment plants. 


Having a private water well comes with many advantages, as listed above. You need to hire a professional well drilling company to enjoy these benefits. Additionally, these companies advise you on how to get the best out of your water well in terms of its location, size, depth, and maintenance procedures.

For more information on well drilling, contact a specialist.